What to do when your partner is cheating on you…

It is an awful feeling, when you found out that the one who makes your world go round is cheating on you and yet you don’t know what to do. I’ll be sharing to y’all tips and lesson learned that will help you to cope up from this situation.

Always follow your instinct

This mayΒ not be applicable for everybody, but this really works and it’sΒ true. Based on my experience, my instinct never fail me. It may also work for you.

Talk Immediately to your partner

Confronting him of what you feel and what you know will not make any differences at all, especially if your partner is not in love with you anymore. But that will help you to ease the pain and to know the truth even if it hurts.

Ask If the Love is still around

Even if it’s hard to ask if your partner still loves you like the way you do, you need to. Not because it is necessary, But because it’s one of your key points to determine if you still need to continue your relationship with your partner. First thing first, If your partner still loves you and value you. Your partner wouldn’t allow anyone to take the third wheel ride on your relationship. So ask even if it’s hard to hear the truth.

Ask if your partner already hooked up to the person involved in the third party.

Yeah! You need to ask this. Why? It is important for you to know what the real score with them.Β You might say that it’s none of your business but hey!Β You have the right to know that. Hooking up is fine, No, not totally fine but if that hooking up involves being in love with that person then it’s the other side of the story.

Hindi na uso ang “Martyr”

A lot of us will relate to this since most of us loves to please others. Well, pleasing others will not totally help the relationship to give another chance.To Be “Martyr” has been just like letting your history repeat itself, even if it doesn’t have to.Β It’s just like having the same mistakes all over again and letting him think that you can easily get over it even if he do that again. Even there’s some relationship that works for being “Martyr” most of them didn’t work. So, hold your heads up high because you deserve better.

Don’t blame the person involved, Blame your partner

When I experienced this I always put a blame to the person involved in the third party. Thinking that they were sluts. It’s not always like that.. Come to think of it. There’s even a billion people who have crushes on your partner and if they love and value you so much, your partner will stay faithful and loyal to you. No matter how many of them. Your partner will stay at your side. Not even close toΒ look for someone else. Your partner is the one who is responsible for this. It is your partner’s choice. Cheating is not an accident, It’s a choice. And if your partner chooses to be with someone else, then he choose to hurt you as well.

Realize your mistake

It happens to us way more often. Maybe because we hate realizing our mistake in a relationship. We hate to be blamed by others or our partner. But that’s the truth! We also have our flaws that only our partner can see which triggers them to look for someone else. Always think of your shortcoming towards your partner instead of pointing your fingers on your partner, reflect and seek for the reason why your partner falls out of love or choose to cheat on you. There’s always a reason for everything. Remember that!


I know it’s hard, but dude this is necessarily needed. They say you can only totally move on when you already forgive and forget. In which I totally agree. Even if it’s hard, I can say that it is a lot easier to move on from the situation if you forgive. Meaning you don’t need to prolong your dissatisfaction or anger on your partner. Learn to Forgive and everything will follow.

Let Go!

Oh yeah! This is the most exciting part when your partner is cheating on you is to let go and move forward. There’s no sense of staying in the relationship which has been totally falling apart. You’re done with alibis, confrontation, instinct, beingΒ fool, etc. It’s time for you to stand on your own and love yourself without thinking of others feelings. Always think that it’s better to be on your own rather than be with someone who never value your feelings at all.

You’re Better than Anyone else

This is one way better to make your partner realize his mistake and repent of what he have done. Prove to your partner that he/she is not worth fighting for. Give him/her the space and never go back again. You know, that person who messed up on you will get what they deserve. They might not get it right now, but sooner or later they will feel the hurt that you feltΒ fromΒ your partner. Always put this kind of thinking on your mind that ” You are way Better than any other”Β πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘







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