The Heart wants what It wants

How many of us have been drunk in Love. When you say Drunk in Love it’s not literally that you drink too much alcohol and you get drunk because of love. It is just like being addicted to your partner and all you wanted to do is to love him/her No matter what they did to you or No matter how hard the situation is.

Many of us are like that. We love too much then We lose ourselves. Those are the reasons why we also lose our faith in Love because in the end we came to a point that loving that person is not even worth it.

So how can we save ourselves being broken in the end?

Respect yourself

Most relationship last longer when they have respect to each other.Β Respect yourself if you would have others respect you.
It is proven that when you respect yourself, Your partner will respect you more because they know how worthy you are. So better have some respect or else happy endings are just not really meant for you.

Give yourself some Love.

It’s our nature that when we love, we always give our 100% just to let that person know how much we love them. It is not wrong! that’s totally fine. But what if you are the only one who always give 100% of Love and the one you love can only give you a half of it. You will just end up screwing yourself. Seeking for contentment that you never had. Again, giving your 100% is fine but You must also learn to Love yourself (Yeah like the song Justin Bieber!)Β 😍Β Treat yourself as you wanted to be treated. Don’t just be an ordinary. Be extra-ordinary. Fulfill your goals in life, Never stop chasingΒ your dreamsΒ even you’re in a relationship, Explore, Have fun and Don’t depend your happiness on others. So you can still stand out even if someone left you hanging. It’s not too late to Love yourself!Β 😍😍😍

Learn to say “It’s over” when somebody messed up on you.

This is the most common problem with us when we love. We can’t say “NO” even if it hurts or even if we know that we are taken for granted and that tear us in pieces. One thing I learned in life is that it doesn’t have always to be YES. There’s also a NO option and ItΒ depends on us if what we’re going to choose. Are we gonna say Yes or No to that person? Learn to say “No”! Yeah! It’s hard but you need to learn it from yourself. Saying No is also a way for you to save yourself from getting hurt not unless you love being taken for granted then probably this won’t really work for you. When you finally find yourself getting tired of the relationship and it is in the same chaos of getting hurt while in relationship. You can say It’s over! It’s your choice, they say that our life depends on every decisions that we made and that’s true! We are the driver of our life and All we have to do is to choose the right path for us. You deserve to be Love.

The Heart wants what it wants..

This is really True! Deny it or what, We always do what our heart says. They say “If you want to live a happier life, Follow your heart”. That’s true! But that doesn’t always to be like that. Sometimes following our heart is just like committing suicide. You follow your heart and You’ll get hurt. So what’s the point? Yeah you will be happy because you are with someone you loved the most but if that someone is hurting you emotionally, Dude! You don’t need to follow your heart anymore. Sometimes it is better to think twice and use our Mind instead. In that way, We can save our self from hurting.

Always remember that you also need to Reserve your self and your heart to someone who really deserve your love. In time there will be someone out there who is just waiting for you to open your door for him/her. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Be brave enough to take the risk for something better!Β 😍😍😍


Thanks for Reading!Β 😗😗😗

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